The network data analytics function for 5G deployments.

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  • Aggregate all your data into one vendor agnostic platform
  • Build custom analytics use cases easily
  • Predict incidents and improve user experience
  • Transform your data into value
Wilab telemetry platform
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Data Collection

Data collection layer for 5G infrastructure. This includes VNFs and physical devices. All the infrastructure of the…

Data Storage

We provide a complete data storage solution that enables MNOs and MVNOs all around the world to store all of their data…

Data Analysis

Our platform provides powerful machine learning and AI tools that enable our users to build and deploy custom use cases…

Custom Analytics Use Cases

As we rely on industry standard tools, our frontend enables our users to build custom use cases for the platform. This…

Flexible Deploy

As our platform relies on industry standard technologies (K8s, helm, Prometheus, Opensearch). The deployment is easy,…

Wilab Service Desk

We know that support is critical at telecom companies, so we have a 24x7x365 service desk. You can either call or…